B'Safe Co2 dujų balionėlis

  • B'Safe Co2 dujų balionėlis

    Co2 dujų balionėlis skirtas B'Safe dviratininkų liemėnėms. 

    Prekė pristatoma tik pagal užsakymą. Prašome kreiptis į saferide.

  • The CO2 cartridge is used to inflate the airbag of the B'Safe jacket in the event of an accident.

    It is composed of an electric opening system and a CO2 cartridge.

    It is disposable and must be replaced after each inflation with a Helite cartridge of the same capacity.


    CC CO2 cartridges are not compatible with mechanically triggered airbags.

    CO2 cartridge for B'Safe jacket


    After each inflation of the airbag you must replace the CO2 cartridge  

    There are 3 sizes of gas cartridges:

    GG 50 cc: for size S

    GG 60 cc: for sizes M and L

    GG 100 cc: for size XL

    The GG Helite gas cartridge is guaranteed for 10 years.

    We recommend doing an annual check of it for this:

    Unscrew and weigh your CO2 cartridge on a kitchen scale.

    Make sure that the weight of the cartridge is within +/- 3g compared to the initial weight. (information indicated on the cartridge label)

    Find all the precautions for use in the B'Safe user manual.