ZIPIN2 Co2 dujų balionėlis

  • ZIPIN2 Co2 dujų balionėlis

    Co2 dujų balionėlis skirtas ZIPIN2 ljojikų liemenėms. 

    Prekė pristatoma tik pagal užsakymą. Prašome kreiptis į saferide.

  • The CO2 cartridge is intended for any airbag with a mechanical system. There are 2 sizes: 60CC and 100CC to choose from depending on your jacket size. This provides effective protection depending on the volume to be inflated in the airbag. The CO2 gas cartridge is easily and quickly replaceable. Easy to use, just recondition the system yourself in a few minutes, without any intervention on our part. In the event of a fall, replace the empty cartridge with a new cartridge of the same brand and of the same capacity. The size of the cartridge is proportional to the size of the airbag.

    For the correct cartridge size, please refer to the size chart.

    Helite brand cartridges are guaranteed for 10 years and have no expiry date.

    A cartridge is systematically included with the purchase of one of our airbags. We recommend that you always have a cartridge in advance.  


    You should always use a Helite brand cartridge with your Helite airbag.

    BEWARE of sellers who offer you CO2 cartridges that are supposedly compatible with Helite airbags at attractive prices.

    You should not use these cartridges for several reasons:

    - technical compatibility problem (volume of gas, screw pitch, etc.)

    - lower quality than Helite cartridges (sealing, corrosion, fragility, etc.)

    - loss of CE certification and warranty

    - airbag operation not guaranteed